Rising Concerns: The Intersection of Anti-Abortion Laws and Domestic Violence

In recent news, the confluence of domestic violence and restrictive abortion laws has drawn significant attention and concern from the public and policymakers alike. Several incidents across various regions of the United States have highlighted the increasing urgency to address these interconnected issues. A recent study highlighted by HuffPost has shed light on the alarming … Read more

Safety Under Scrutiny After Vehicle Incident at Ohio Reformatory for Women

The recent incident at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville, captured by body camera footage, presents a disturbing scene that underscores the dangers inmates can face even within the presumed safety of a controlled environment. The footage shows Lieutenant Thierno Bah driving a small utility vehicle, commonly known as a gator, through the prison … Read more

Inmate Death Highlights Ongoing Violence in California Prisons

The tragic incident at High Desert State Prison (HDSP) on May 3, 2024, wherein Scott Cook was fatally stabbed, underscores a persistent and critical issue within the United States’ correctional systems: inmate violence and the efficacy of rehabilitation programs. The fatal altercation, allegedly involving two other incarcerated individuals, John Patch and Zachary Harris, not only … Read more

Violence Behind Bars

Seeking Answers and Safety After a Correctional Officer Is Attacked On April 20th, 2024, a routine morning at a correctional facility turned violent when Casey James Martin, a 33-year-old inmate from Arnold, attacked a correctional officer, resulting in serious injuries. This incident raises critical questions about the safety protocols in prisons and the broader implications … Read more