News Feb 19, 2022

Mass. captain pleads guilty to assault, battery of a child

MILLBURY, Massachusetts – domestic violence and battery.

A Millbury fire captain has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison after pleading guilty in Worcester District Court on Wednesday to charges of indecent assault and battery of a child under 14.

Judge David P. Despotopoulos sentenced Millbury Fire Department captain Walter Swanson to two and a half years in Franklin County Correctional Facility after the 36-year-old man accepted a plea agreement.

Swanson was convicted Wednesday on six counts of indecent assault and battery of a child under 14.

Swanson was charged with 16 counts, including charges of indecent assault and aggravated battery of a child under 14; assault with intent to rape a child; strangulation; and domestic violence and battery. But as part of the plea agreement, part of the charge of indecent assault and battery was dropped from aggravating circumstances, and in connection with the amended charge, the case was transferred to the district court.

As a result, charges of assault with intent to rape a child, strangulation, domestic violence and battery were dropped.

Teenager stabbed in Windsor

Alexandra GardensThames Valley Police is appealing for information after a boy was stabbed in Windsor. The victim, a 16-year-old boy, was assaulted in two locations, Alexandra Gardens and Barry Avenue between about full story


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KSP investigates Saturday night shooting in Rockcastle

The Kentucky State Police, Post 11 London is investigating a shooting incident that took place on Three Oaks Road in Rockcastle County at approximately 8:45 PM on Saturday February 19, 2022.  Full Story

Kentucky Prisons Inmate List

David Jackson, Frank Lane, James Thompson, Lawrence Harris, Robert Brooks, John Simmons, Ramon Henderson, Eugene Carter, Ronald Alexander, Larry Brown, Robert Jackson, Robert Mann, Brian Garcia, Joseph Abbott, Johnnie Boone, Shawn Sherman, Virgil Cortez, Michael Smith, Wayne Powers, Arthur Shelton, Ray Oliver, Edwin Johnson, Steven Cook, Richard Long, Jeffrey Moreno, Jeffrey Robinson, Mark Fisher, Chester Lawrence

OSBI investigating weekend murder of Texas man

Jonathan Robinson26-year-old Jonathan Robinson, of Boise City, forced his way into a residence, where he shot and killed Eric Ortega. Full Story

People accused of murder

Arthur White, James Schmidt, Alvin Williams, James Hall, Ivan Jones, William Garcia, Michael Evans, Timothy Gilbert, James Brown, Luis Brooks, Donald Lowe, Robert Webster, Charles Jackson, Daniel Clark, Richard Allen, James Campbell, Kevin Huff, Chester Dean, Larry Reyes, John Smith, Michael White, Dennis Spencer, Howard Williams, James Mendoza, David Knight, David Stevens, Timothy Curry, Timothy Baker, Daniel Vasquez, Brian Vasquez, Joseph Brown, Johnnie Jenkins, Jeff Henderson, Dwight Fox, William Medina, Richard Patton, Ryan Hall, John Jenkins, Brett James, Steve White, Larry Hale, Jonathan Fuller, Michael Boyd, Robert Collier, Brian Davidson, Mitchell Lee, Sean Price, Leroy Simon, Steven Myers, Dale Sanchez, Howard Gonzalez, Joel Banks, Rodney Johnson, Daniel Cole, Daniel Hines, John Martin, Freddie Clark, Michael Mitchell, Curtis Miller, Michael Wilson, Kent Dixon, Richard Pearson

Three people, two dogs found shot to death inside Port St. Lucie home

Police in Port St. Lucie have reported the deaths of three people and two dogs, all from gunshotwounds. Full Story

Obituaries On The Net

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Sister of the man behind history’s largest Ponzi scheme is found dead with her husband

The sister of Bernie Madoff – who was behind the largest-known Ponzi scheme in history- has died with her husband in what is thought to have been a murder-suicide. Full Story

OPD: 4 injured in shooting outside North Omaha grocery store

Shooting at NBH Grocery(WOWT 6 NEWS) OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Omaha Police are investigating after a shooting outside a North Omaha grocery store has left four people injured. Lt. Nick Muller with Full Story

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